Library Book Delivery

Altrusa International of Nanaimo took over the LIBRARY BOOK DELIVERY PROGRAM from the Vancouver Island Regional Library in 1967. Since then, we have provided 52 continuous years of delivering books, every 3 weeks, year-round (17 times a year), covering 3 separate routes. Last year, approximately 6,000 books were hand-delivered to approximately 60 home-bound residents, mainly elderly folks living in their own homes or in assisted care facilities. Clients average 6 books per delivery and those with vision challenges receive large-print or audio books. We hope to get increased funding so that we can purchase more audio readers for the library. We are extremely blessed to have so many dedicated Altrusans that have kept and are keeping this program running continuously and smoothly. That is a HUGE accomplishment! A special thanks to June for heading this up for so many years. We know how important this program is for our clients from the many “thank you’s” we get. And it’s given us the opportunity to meet many delightful people. Here Marean, Elizabeth, Pat W, Mary Carole and June (behind the camera) fill up a cart with some of the books they have chosen for this week’s deliveries.