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Service Projects

Each year our club initiates a grant process and invites schools and agencies in the Spokane area to submit a grant requesting funds and member volunteers service in support of literacy.

The grant projects selected for 2012-2013 are:

  • Purchase the "Fab5 Lit Fit learning system to help develop literacy and math skills in kindergarten students at Lidgerwood Elementary School. In addition, Altrusa volunteers are serving as adult helpers with the program on a weekly basis throughout the school year.
  • Purchasing classroom and library books and materials for Ridgview and Woodridge Elementary Schools. Member will also tutor students and assist teachers as requested.
  • Assisting the YWCA's early Childhood Education and Assistance Program by providing funds for books and member volunteers to help with their reading activities.

Additional service projects for the 2012-2013 years are:

  • Partnering with the Spokane Public Library to carry out a summer reading program at West Central Community Center. Member helped children select books and read with them once a week for the six week program.
  • Supporting Make-A-Difference Day by collecting, preparing and providing emergency hygiene kits for the YMCA Alternatives to Domestic Violence Program.
  • Sponsoring a reception for newly naturalized citizens on Law Day.
  • Supporting "Our Place" through individual members' contributions and through help with selected projects.
  • Supporting Barton School through individual members' service and contributions thereby expanding our literacy efforts to include adult learners.
  • Supporting Altrusa International projects including Club 21 through individual member contributions and memorials.

Club Activities

  • June: our club held its annual garage sale, our primary fund raiser. We had fun, raised a respectable amount of money, and helped protect our environment by supporting recycling of our unused and no longer wanted household items.
  • August: We enjoyed a potluck picnic at the beautiful Arbor Crest Winery that overlooks much of the Spokane area. The winery provided great music and wine for purchase by the bottle or glass. It was a beautiful evening.
  • September: We held our first “Friendraiser” at the home of Karen Harwood. Our purpose was to invite potential “friends” of our Altrusa club to explain what our club does and to see if they would be interested in being our friends by receiving email information about our events and participating when they want. We promised we would not twist their arms to be members or donate money, we just wanted them to know who we are and what we do. Carrie Cunningham, Literacy Coach at Lidgerwood Elementary School was our speaker and explained the “Lit Fit” program we are supporting this year. Six of our ten guests indicated they would be “friends”. We also began our volunteer work with Lidgerwood Elementary School kindergarten students and the “Lit Fit” program that integrates physical movement with reading and math concepts. The program is scheduled every Thursday and we meet with two different kindergarten classrooms. The program will be conducted throughout the entire school year. We are intrigued with the concept of the program and are amazed at what we see happening with the development of the children.
  • October: We met with our District Visitor, Dyane Nauman, for our monthly meeting. We had a pizza night at the community center at Mary Cordes’s Liberty Lake apartment. Dyane caught us up on District business and encouraged our various activities and efforts. Additionally we will be participating in “Make a Difference Day” by preparing “Emergency Hygiene Kits” for the YWCA Alternative to Domestic Violence program. We have begun working with the YWCA’s ECEAP program and will continue as needed.
  • November: We will start our work with Ridgeview and Woodridge elementary schools. The schools have needed some extra time to organize themselves due to changes in their staffing. We are ready with volunteers as soon as they are ready for us.
  • December: We are looking forward to our annual Christmas Lunch at the Davenport Hotel and our holiday fundraiser at Interplayers. The production is “Its A Wonderful Life A Radio Play”. We share the evening with Volunteers of America. Our clubs are able to keep 50% of the ticket sales.
Our club was saddened by the passing of a long time member, Izzy Hawkins. She became a member in 1060 and was a vital, active member for over 50 years. We miss her wry sense of humor and clear insight about the work of the club.
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